“Dear Horizon Family, Back in 2010, S. and I came in for an observation.  Six years later, our youngest is graduating.  I cannot thank you enough for the warmth, love, and kindness that have been present in this home away from home.  Thank you for helping to raise my children.  We are forever grateful. “
the H. family

“We can’t thank you enough for our Horizon experience for the girls.  You’ve prepared them wonderfully for their next academic step and we know how loved and supported they have been by you and the rest of the Horizon family. “
the M. family

“Please accept our sincere gratitude for the love, care, and education you have provided A. with over the past years.  She has become a confident, interested, and thoughtful learner under your direction.  A. loves school and speaks highly of every day at Horizon.  She is excited to go to school every morning – it is the highlight of her day.  There is no better testament to all that you do for her.  As we pack our our last boxes and say goodbye to this chapter in our lives, my husband and I both agree that what we will miss most about Cleveland is Horizon Montessori.  You have treated A. like family and have instilled in her what I believe will be a lifelong desire to learn.”
the S. family

“I thought you would like to know about one of your former students, Meredith K., Horizon Montessori Class of 1987.  M. attended Hathaway Brown and continued on to Stanford University; before attending Yale, she worked in D.C. Thanks for contributing to M.’s early beginning; she received an excellent foundation.”
the K. family