Grow a Rainbow!

Oceans and the Five Senses

Ocean waves about to crash onto the shore
Melissa wants to take you on an ocean adventure.  Are you ready? Watch this video and then read on to learn more! Dear Horizon Families, I want to talk about the ocean. Picture it in your mind’s eye. Think of rolling waves, the warm sun, the smell of salt water, the feel of salt on […]

Learn about Bees from Melissa

A close-up of honeybees on honeycomb
Dear Horizon Families, I want to talk today about honeybees. Honeybees benefit us. They have an important job going from plant to plant and flower to flower. Honeybees carry pollen. This pollination process enables food crops to grow. Food for us. Honeybees allow humans to enjoy many fruits and vege

Learn about Ladybugs from Melissa

A close-up of a red and black ladybug
Today I want to talk to you about ladybugs. In North America, these beetles are called ladybugs. In Britain, they are called ladybirds. Entomologists, who study insects, prefer ladybird beetles or lady beetles. Ladybugs eat aphids or scale insects. This diet of pests helps plants to grow and thrive.