“I don’t think I can put into words what Horizon means to us as a family. It is the place where, initially with great anguish, we left our little girl, just 3 years old, who did not speak or understand a single word in English, and we could see how she grew in all aspects of her life, generating strong bonds of affection with her teachers and classmates. Horizon is her second home, where she feels safe, cared for and loved, and where we as parents take her day by day with the total confidence that she will be fine there. We will be eternally grateful to Diane, to Melissa, Liz and to all the people who have passed through her time in Horizon!”

The R. Family

“Absolutely recommend! My daughter started after her third birthday and my husband and I noticed huge developmental changes in just four months. We are planning to continue next year!”

Brownell Patterson

“All three of my children went to Horizon. Now they are 17, 14 and 11. My senior in high school holds Diane Roberto as one of two of her favorite teachers in all of her school experiences. Horizon made such a lasting impression on all of them. I credit Horizon with much of my kids’ early learning and continued love and respect for themselves, others and the earth. They started at Montessori being the citizens of the world they are today. One is a public speaker and motivator, one an excellent soccer player, one a singer and song writer. All excel academically and all have reports by teachers as being a joy to have in class, a leader, and as kind. It truly started at Horizon where they learned to be independent, thoughtful and kind learners. I love the loving, family atmosphere. I highly recommend Horizon and I do all the time.”

Caryl Alfred Yoo

“We have been so spoiled by the superior and unparalleled quality of schooling that Horizon provided. . . wherever we go, nothing has been equal to what Horizon has had to offer.”

from a family that recently relocated to California

“My child was a very shy girl before coming to Horizon Montessori. She has previously been a a Catholic preschool where she did not talk much. At Horizon Montessori, I saw an immediate change in her behaviour and confidence after only one month. The morning class is a multi age room with 3-6 year-olds. She was fascinated with the Montessori materials and thrived at her work. She was eager to go to school and excited to tell me about her day when I picked her up. She went all day including the afternoon Kindergarten. The class size of Kindergarten was small between 10-14 students. She became much more confident and a leader rather than shy and quiet. She learned to read and surpasses her peers at reading. Horizon Montessori was an idyllic place for my child to continue discovering who she is without having to conform to a lecture style classroom. Diane Roberto is an amazing caretaker of children, where every child’s needs are heard and where she is an active listener in their excitement. Liz Hutton is a stimulating Kindergarten teacher, always validating and encouraging. My second child is now at Horizon. Both of my children learned not only math and reading here but they learned how to resolve conflict and to be caring and nurturing people in their small community. When I drop off my girls at Horizon, I know that they are being cared for with love and compassion and that all the children are being taught on how to give this life skill to others. Not 5 stars, TEN!”

the S. family

“Dear Horizon Family, Back in 2010, S. and I came in for an observation.  Six years later, our youngest is graduating.  I cannot thank you enough for the warmth, love, and kindness that have been present in this home away from home.  Thank you for helping to raise my children.  We are forever grateful. “
the H. family

“We can’t thank you enough for our Horizon experience for the girls.  You’ve prepared them wonderfully for their next academic step and we know how loved and supported they have been by you and the rest of the Horizon family. “
the M. family

“Please accept our sincere gratitude for the love, care, and education you have provided A. with over the past years.  She has become a confident, interested, and thoughtful learner under your direction.  A. loves school and speaks highly of every day at Horizon.  She is excited to go to school every morning – it is the highlight of her day.  There is no better testament to all that you do for her.  As we pack our our last boxes and say goodbye to this chapter in our lives, my husband and I both agree that what we will miss most about Cleveland is Horizon Montessori.  You have treated A. like family and have instilled in her what I believe will be a lifelong desire to learn.”
the S. family

“I thought you would like to know about one of your former students, Meredith K., Horizon Montessori Class of 1987.  M. attended Hathaway Brown and continued on to Stanford University; before attending Yale, she worked in D.C. Thanks for contributing to M.’s early beginning; she received an excellent foundation.”
the K. family

“We cannot thank you and your staff enough for the love, support, and incredibly amazing education you have given both the girls.”
the R. family

“Both E and K are thriving. E is just finishing his first year at CWRU, and K will be a junior this fall at Heights High. We both agree that this is due in no small part to their experience under your direction at Horizon Montessori.”
the L. Family

“Horizon provides a peaceful learning environment without pretentiousness. After observing MANY Montessori schools on the east side of Cleveland, this one stood out immediately! Our child is thriving! I am so happy with our decision to enroll there. The staff is amazing and have truly become an extension of our own family.”

a Satisfied Parent