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Latest Horizon Happenings

We had a great day taking swim classes at Cumberland Pool, with instructor Anthony Fragassi, a Horizon graduate!


Last month docents from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History showed us the fun world of paleontology! For more photos please visit our Facebook page.


Our kindergarteners are excited about exploring the human tooth, skeleton, and organs!












On Friday, April 29, Horizon had a celebrated visitor who was one of our first students. Chryssa Zizos, who is currently the President and CEO of Live Wire Communications in Washington, DC, returned to Cleveland to be honored as a distinguished alumna of Cleveland Heights High School, and popped in to see Diane and speak with the children about her work. She also brought her partner, Brianna Scurry, who is a two-time gold medal Olympics winner in soccer.  We had a wonderful time hearing them speak!












About Our School


At Horizon Montessori School, we are concerned with the child’s most important creation: himself. Children who are happy and at peace with themselves will naturally extend themselves to others. Among our children, there is a feeling of unity and respect that goes beyond the classroom and will, we feel, remain a vital part of their lives. The principle of inner strength extending outward is what Dr. Montessori envisioned as the basis for their future, a concept which is proving within our grasp.


A preschool in Cleveland Heights, Horizon Montessori was founded in 1973 to provide for young children an atmosphere of responsibility and freedom – a realistic setting in which children can creatively develop an awareness of themselves and others. Located on half an acre of land, we offer the advantages of a cosmopolitan neighborhood, with the added feature of a spacious outdoor environment for nature study and recreation.The life of the school involves many people: an experienced and enthusiastic staff, committed and supportive parents, and energetic, confident children. Working together, we see the Montessori theory become reality as our children realize their potential in the exciting process of learning and self-discovery.

Click here to learn more about the Montessori theory, courtesy of Montessori’s Children’s House in Dallas, TX.


“Tom and I would like to thank you for the wonderful foundation for life that you provided for both of our children. They learned so many life skills at Horizon: how to focus and maintain attention, how to share and take turns, reading and math, etc., etc. Horizon made elementary school easy for them.” -TS and BS.