13 Simple Ways to Support Your Child’s Language Development at Home

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Liz found these wonderful ideas for sharing with your family. Sending you our warmest wishes for a beautiful weekend!

Montessori Institute of San Diego
Montessori Institute of San Diego
La Jolla, California, U.S.A.
 13 Simple Ways to Support
Your Child’s Language   Development
at Home
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Dear Parents, 

We’re back again with more resources for parents unexpectedly at home with young children due to COVID-19!   With some simple tools and strategies,

any adult can directly contribute to a child’s success with reading, writing, and speaking. 
Young children are absorbing the language(s) heard around them in every moment, paying special attention to the environment of communication created by family and loved ones in the home.  In other words, what you say, when you listen, and how you interact with books has an impact on the children in your midst.   
Check out our friendly reminder, 13 Simple Ways That Any Adult can Support the Language Development of Young Children, and feel free to download the PDF version to hang on the fridge.
Thinking of all the incredible parents who are rising to this occasion,
The MISD Team
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