Important News for All Horizon Families

Horizon Montessori School with flags

To all Horizon families: we certainly hope that this extended spring vacation will last only three weeks. We certainly understand the inconvenience this will cause everyone, but health and safety are our primary concerns.

We will be posting links to sites that have fun, interesting projects for you and your children. Of course, you know your children’s likes and dislikes best, so feel free to innovate!

We strongly encourage lots of outdoor activity, preferably not in public parks. Walks, hikes, and wagon and bike rides are fun for everyone, and sunshine is a great disinfectant!

This generous offer just in from one of our parents:

“During this three-week break, I want to extend an offer to any Horizon family with two working parents. Our home is open to your kids if anyone needs help! I am stocked with food as well as activities I had planned. Email [email protected] or call my cell, 216/407-2737 if you need to reach me.”

Thanks so much, Sahithya!